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  • On-Line shopping Trends

    During Recent research online search to determine what fancies online selling and or preferences, I came across the following information.

    To succeed as an online retailer, your store needs to sell products in demand. If your product is niched and you have a particular consumer in mind, then good for you. But if you’re looking to open a general online store of any kind, it’s essential to know what the most bought online items are in South Africa. 

    According to Bizcommunity, the three most popular online shopping categories for South African consumers were clothing/apparel (53%), entertainment/education (digital/downloadable) (51%), and event tickets (51%). So it is no wonder Superbalist and Computicket do so well.

    It is also known that grocery shopping is becoming very popular and percentage-wise growing yearly though no official statistics are available when publishing our market findings.